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casual Add more platforms, like PC
MyNameIsEarl (unlogged) Add PREV and NEXT buttons
Shine It seems, that the sorting of "Date" has some problems. Please check it slowly...
Tom @Shine You are right. The first time you changed sort it wasn't working. The second time it was fine. It's fixed now.
Shine @Tom Is this intended that the sorted dates are "only" sorted by year and not by full date (year, month, day)?
Tom @Shine Yes, because right now the database does not have enough entries with month and day of the release filled. However most of the entries have year given.
Shine Hey Tom, i am registered user and i would like to know, if i upload a picture, is it possible to make a link to CSDb by myself? Or you do it somehow? Now i see only a possibility to upload an image without any further informations...
Tom @Shine The upload form has now 2 steps. In first step you can upload a file and in the next step you can give title, author and CSDB ID.
Shine @Tom I tried to upload a c64 picture, but it didn't worked. I made all data and then save button, but nothing worked...
Tom @Shine I can see you uploaded the image twice. Once using /gallery/upload2 (the new uploader) and once using /gallery/upload (the old uploader). Both uploaded just fine. Since they are the same I enabled only of them: Looks great!
Shine @Tom: Ah i understand. Uploads need to be enabled by yourself, right? Thanks for fast support! :)
Tom @Shine That's right! I need to approve images because people sometimes upload duplicates or corrupted images. You can see all images you uploaded here:
Shine @Tom The image i uploaded has the type "other", but should be "Petscii". I _updated_ already, but without change,
Tom @Shine Thanks, your update is visible and the image is now PETSCII.
railslave Great site, thankyou
Tom @railslave Thank you! And thanks for uploading your lovely images:
Shine @Tom The following picture is a cooperation between Mermaid and me (Shine)... i tried a few times to correct it (update), but nothing happened.
Tom @Shine Thanks, it's already updated!
Shine @Tom The update function (edit) need to be checked / approved by you too? So the updates are visible after it?
Tom @Shine Yes. All updates have to be approved. I should finish in a day or two a better system. And people who are verified (like you) will be able to update images instantly.
Shine @Tom To prevent abuses this database, it would be better to make registering additional with existing e-mail address.
wdw Thanks for this nice gallery. I am uploading more of my stuff in the coming days. I also have lots of Amiga art to share.
Tom @Shine I don't want to collect e-mails for as long as possible. Currently there is no spam or abuse so it works fine. Laws in European Union require sites that collect personal information (like e-mails) to display nasty popups informing visitors how their personal information is used.
Tom @wdw Thanks! Upload as many as you can :) I can see you already uploaded 5. Great!
wdw Uploaded a few more, Tom. I hope you like them.
Tom @wdw There are nice! Is there a chance you could also upload native files for these images? Like .KOA/.KLA for C64, .IFF/.LBM for Amiga?
Shine @Tom Yeah, the multiscreener support is very nice! Any chance that a user can scroll by his own aswell? This would be awesome!!!
Tom @Shine I've already added manual scrolling to my TO-DO list so I'll be done, I just don't know how soon :)
wdw Yes, I have the IFF files. I'll add them later.
Tom @wdw In order to upload .IFF you can just click "EDIT" under the Image Details on the right.
moroz1999 (unlogged) Hi! Just wanted to mention, that ZX-Art has open API for images reading. Hope you have discovered it already :) - link is here on top of form, it reacts to form's parameters as well.
Tom @moroz1999 Thanks, might come in handy!
Noname (unlogged) (unlogged) the group should be clickable also.
Tom @Noname Group is clickable now :)
railslave (unlogged) I cant log in, and I come baring gifts !!
Tom @railslave Sorry about that. There was a bug but should work now. Please try again!
railslave yes, working fine... ok about these gifts :)
ZbyniuR (unlogged) Ten 3ci podany tryb w Amstradzie 160x200, 4kolory można zobaczyć w BBC Micro który także posiada CRTC, ale w CPC jest zablokowany. Natomiast jego standardową paletę 3^3=27 kolorów można poszerzyć trickami takimi jak mruganie palety, albo ekranów, albo obraz w interlace do 5^3=125. A nie błędnie podane 128. A jak ktoś się bardzo postara to da się je uzyskać na raz w tym także w tych wyższych rozdzielczościach. Natomiast modele Plus z roku 1990 mają paletę poszerzoną do 4096. :)
Tom @ZbyniuR Dzięki, poprawione!
railslave I have a megadrive pix for you here ;)
Tom @railslave Great, I've just sent you a message!
v3to is it possible to update the screenshots? I'd like to see my own pictures with the more vivid Colodore colours and some of the screens are incomplete or buggy. For example the Rolling Ronny Title is broken and Night Walk is missing border sprites. Nethertheless great website :)
Tom @v3to I am trying to standardize images from C64 and make them all use Pepto. In the near future the site will allow C64 images to be displayed with other palettes. But this will be possible only if all images are in the same palette in the first place (so the converter understand how to convert to Colodore or other palettes). However if images are buggy then they surely needs to be fixed. Perhaps you could just email me the fixed images? tomseditor(gmail).
v3to Pepto? Are you serious to use those tinted palette? My pics look like shit with this
Tom @v3to I know Pepto is not the best but is the most popular. If all images are in the same palette then they can easily be converted to any other palette. It wouldn't be a problem if artists provided original files (.KLA, .ART, .IPH and so on) but in most cases they don't.
v3to @Tom: A, well... it is most popular, because it became kind of a semi standard. As known nowadays generated with measuring faults. I appreciate the concept about customized palette conversions, but if all pics need to be set to one palette first we are talking about years.
Tom @v3to Most of the images are already in Pepto. Many images have .KLA or .ART. I've written converters to convert from PNG to .KLA and from a few other palettes to Pepto. So the situation is not that bad. And I don't want to standardize all before I add a feature to change palettes on the site. I am already working on this function and it should be ready in a few days. Images which are not in Pepto will just not have this feature available.
Tom @v3to Would you be happy if your images were displayed with Colodore palette? Or do you prefer another one?
v3to I'd prefer the basic colodore palette as Pepto provided on his colorvic website. It is not much more saturated than the previous palette, but without the colour fog.
Tom @v3to It is now possible to change palettes: Is this good now?
v3to @Tom: This is great :)
Shine @Tom: How can i delete double entries?
Tom @Shine Please post links to the duplicates and I'll handle this :)
Shine @Tom: I sent you a mail, but it seems, the double entries are still not deleted.
Tom @Shine It took me a moment, but they are deleted now :)
railslave Um. cant seem to upload a, Amiga screeenshot even though it is png ??
Tom @railslave The server's disk was full. It has 75 GB free now but I can't fix your image because it just wasn't saved (0 Bytes were free). Could please upload again or send me the image via e-mail? Or just a link to some here so I can grab the image and replace in the gallery.
FRS Some statistics (like the number of images and artists per platform) on the frontpage would be very nice. :)
Icon I love this site and I want to contribute, but it dosent seems to work as when I upload it dosent gets added to the db and under "Account" it says that I havent upload anything. Hmmm
Tom @Icon Thanks for uploading. The images didn't show up because they had to be checked. This is to prevent pranks on the site. Your images are now online and your future submissions will be automatically accepted.
dot98 Are my uploads being received since none have been accepted yet? Also _ turns into space when uploading files.
Tom @dot98 Your images waited for moderation. They are now here:
dot98 Thank you. Could you please add FM Towns as a platform as well?
Logiker (unlogged) Contact form seems not to work. At least I got no respond when sending...
Baracuda (unlogged) Wonder why you guys show only text entries at some images here . I'm here to see the pics..
Tom @Logiker The bug has been fixed, thanks for reporting! I also got your message from Isildur. GIFs were not needed before because there are scrollers, like here:
Tom @Baracuda If there are any entries without images it's only by accident. If you see any entries like please leave a comment on their page and I'll fix them. Thank you!
weedeater oh hey. the files labeled "MO ##" are from Cyberblock Metal Orange. The files of which includes
weedeater also, the images labeled "CYBER###" are from the Cybernetic Hi-School series from Gainax. last three links are actually drawn by Mika Akitaka
weedeater correction: two. sorry (^_^;)
ax34 Anything i tried to upload didn't appear in gallery. How long it takes to moderate them? Also images by ax34noff ( are actually mine, sdsnatcher uploaded them here.
FRS @ax34 Meanwhile, do you want me to rename the author from ax34noff to ax34? When I uploaded them, I filled your DeviantArt username on the author field.
ax34 @FRS, yes, it would be good to rename because on this site i am ax34
FRS @ax34 Done! ????
FRS @Done! :) (the question marks on my last message were a bug on emoji handling)
ax34 @FRS, thank you!
railslave uloaded two of the same thing thinking the first didnt work
FRS @railslave I've been marking the duplicated images with the #dupe tag, for future deletion. Maybe you could do the same for the ones you uploaded in duplicity.
ax34 Meanwhile i marked some NSFW staff as NSFW
railslave Megadrive section ? im uploading a few 9 bit things made for a game that system
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Baracuda (unlogged) wonder if now only sorted, liked stuff and not all new c64 uploaded csdb art stuff is shown here ? :(
railslave Hi, I accidently uploaded doubles of pluto88 (not sure if it went through)
FRS @railslave: please mark the duplicates with the hashtag #dupe. This way they can be easily deleted in a batch later
GoDot64 What about GoDot adding to your list of converters? Arndt
PixelCrunchX How do I submit a picture?? I want to be seen on the Gallery!
FRS @ PixelCrunchX After you create an account, you can submit images. But to avoid SPAM, new accounts have their image submissions moderated by the admin.
ax34 Can you merge "ax34" and "Ax 34noff" authors? They are both me but uploaded by different people.
FRS @ax34, done for the MSX, C64 and Speccy. Please let me know if there are any for other platforms. A thank you gift image for the MSX (1, 2 or 2+) would be welcome. ;)
railslave Hi will there ever be a sega megadrive option ? ive submitted multiple 9 bit, 15 color pictures for this machine at this point, so it wont be empty, at all,.
railslave Usually on one of the 4 palletes, but when you combine them you get a pretty unique visual that separates it from the Atari st
Kato (unlogged) Is it gallery alive?
FRS @Kato Yep
Kato (unlogged) Is the upload works?
FRS @Kato Yes, the upload works, but you have to be logged on.
Andy (unlogged) Very nice archiv, i downloaded alot of pics from other systems from your side already and converted them to pictures for C64 and Amiga with different tools. Makes alot of fun for me, therefore i really like your side. One thing would be good - it should also be possible in the search-engine, when the user only give in a year and then all pics from this special year would be listed, no matter from which system they are. This would also be great, for check out newest pics for all systems in one go
FRS @Andy, a tip is that on the Browse area you can use the "sort by date" and "sort by upload date" to check the newest pics on all systems. ;)
Andy (unlogged) @FRS Thanks, that was a good tip. This is better than nothing, when it comes to the mentioned point (list pics of all system for a certain year). At least, always the newest pics, from the current year, then can be listed, no matter what system they are. Will use this, for checking new pics from now on.
Baracuda What about C64.CH adding to your sources (Image on C64.CH link) ?
Rui8bit Please excuse my poor writing due to translation. I thought I submitted two MSX Screen2 pieces on March 7, but what is the current authentication status? I would appreciate it if you could tell me.
Rui8bit I forgot to mention that this site is very good overall! I love the easy to use interface. It's nice that it looks fine on mobile browsers, so I will continue to use it thankfully.
Eckbert Feinbein-Klotz (unlogged) The "online converters and tools" submenue on your side is something, that i really use alot. So far, i needed almost anything you can do with these tools/converters, for some pic-converting work i did. Very nice to have these things here, directly in the near of the pic-archive.
Pepe Bear (unlogged) Really like this side, but lately more and more manga-style girl-pictures for the MSX system are flooding the archive. This is getting the upper hand in the meanwhile, it seems.
tomcat Please add a filter to EXCLUDE a platform from the results. I would really like to exclude MSX and leave everything else included.
Uri Nierbecken (unlogged) The system MSX would also be cool, there are alot good pictures for MSX and MSX2 in the archive, but the bad thing is, that the archiv is totally flooded with all these manga-girl MSX-pictures. This is getting more and more annoying lately.
GreenPenguin (unlogged) I hope you're aware that there are Japanese users who frequent this site and might not feel comfortable with this kind of explicit discrimination against their traditional art. And, Japanese users, please know that this is not the majority here. Instead of just complaining against some specific art style, why not be proactive and upload art for other western platforms then? There's nobody regularly uploading art for the ZX-Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Sam Coupe, Apple II, Atari ST and Atari 8bit.
Günni Kologe (unlogged) There are 195 recognized countries on this planet and Japan is one of them and not even all the people in this country like such half-naked manga girls. Here in the archive, the stuff now takes up, more than half of all newly added images. Is this normal, GreenPenguin? And because you mentioned "discrimination" - don't you also think, that more and more pics of scantily clad young girls, represent discrimination against the female gender at all? Put yourself in the shoes of female users here.
Engel (unlogged) AFAIK, the Retro Gallery aims to preserve pixel art for legacy computers in their native file formats. Nobody elected you as the “style police” to censor what can or not be preserved in the archive according to personal liking, nor to try to impose quotas per country for preservation. There wouldn’t even be space on the Gallery for the NEC PC-98 and PC-88 if that was the case, since it's well known that the absolute majority of the art for these platforms is intimately related to the...
Engel (unlogged) ...roots of bishōjo, chibi, moé, dōjinshi, and the Comiket. Concepts of art and anime/manga culture that either you seem to have no grasp about, or you know them and want to suppress. If you want to talk about personal taste, then there’s the ???? button for that. Just let each person vote for what they like and the score ranking will reflect that.
Engel (unlogged) And it's appalling that you’re clearly under the assumption that all female users/artists must be straight, but the real world has more colors than that. Again, let the female users vote (????) for whatever they like, instead of you dictating a standard of what they should like. And yes, a lot of female mangakas also draw women, many of those in sensual contexts and even, obviously, NSFW. It’s not up to me or you to judge what a woman decides to draw.
Engel (unlogged) And, even taking in consideration your allegation about “put yourself in the shoes of a straight woman”, I decided check the last 20 pages of images flagged as SFW of the biggest platforms, and all of them featured many images of women dressed in a way that, let's say, "wouldn't be seen in a public setting or an art exposition". But the western art didn’t seem to bother you, proving again the discrimination about one specific culture and art style.
Engel (unlogged) But it's a fact that the archive contains a considerable amount of images that still need be flagged as NSFW, regardless of sexual orientation. But that affects all platforms and art styles.
Günni Kologe (unlogged) *lol* Writing five replies in a row here, just shows, how nervous you are, now that this thing finally has been brought up, with all these strange pics of young girls barely clothed. You could also classify this as perverted, because some of these pics have something about child porn. I hope that's at least clear to you? Furthermore, I'm not the only one here, who has complained about more and more pics of this genre by now, in case you havent noticed yet. So much for the topic of "style police"
Unlogged (unlogged) You feign ignorance about the char limit/message. Plus the fact that you have been comfortable with the naked girls from western platforms says a lot about you. And if you're seeing "something about child porn" on chibi caricatures, you should seek medical help ASAP.
Pepe Bear (unlogged) In my eyes, Günni is right here. It doesn't matter, whether these child-pornographic manga pics are Eastern or Western, that's not the point here. Turning this perverted thing into a Japan bashing, just because some people here seems to like childporn, is just a diversionary tactic, that's why Engel tried this trick, which you're now trying too. The fact is, that you are a bit perverted, when you think it's great, to watch half-naked young girls. This is called paedophilia, go see the doctor.
Engel (unlogged) His complaint was "half-naked manga girls. Here in the archive, the stuff now takes up, more than half of all newly added images". Having checked the last added SFW image pages, I couldn't find nothing even close to that amount of half-naked females, and amongst the "half naked", it's hard to find one that could be interpreted as having more sexual innuendo than the Disney's Little Mermaid movie. If that doesn't prove that he is the one twisting racism as a pedophilia claims, nothing else will.
Engel (unlogged) And if someone gets dirty thoughts with the little mermaid while watching the 1989 Disney movie, they're the ones that definitely should go see a doctor.
Pepe Bear (unlogged) Not completely true, Engel. If you had really read all the comments here carefully, which is obviously not the case, you would have seen, that several people have already complained here about these endless flood, of these MSX manga pics (partly three quarters of all new pics), not just Günni, who then point with the half-naked girls (there are already a few strange pics in here). The only argument was, that this is Japan bashing, instead of thinking about, how sexist many of these images are.
Engel (unlogged) I wouldn't be so sure about "several people", since most messages come from unlogged pseudonyms. AFAICT, there's you, "Peppe Bear", and the other guy who uses one german band name per post. Most of the accusations posted here are of frivolous nature, since they're generic and it's hard to tell exactly which are the Japanese images that are being considered more sexist/whatever than the ones that already exist in the archive. Not to mention the use of fallacies.
Engel (unlogged) Making frivolous accusations requires just one sentence, but debunking them requires a lot of explanation. So forgive me if since I have to post another sequence of messages, given the char and format limits. Let's address some more of those allegations one by one:
Engel (unlogged) 1) "Flood of MSX pictures": This another false allegation that shows signs of prejudice, as from what I've seen from the upload history, for some time there were images for multiple platforms are being uploaded in alternation: Amiga, MSX, Atari ST, PC88, MS-DOS, PC98 and X68000. This makes 4 Japanese platforms against 3 western platforms, so this would be the one reason why the proportion is unbalanced to "more than half of the uploaded images are manga style blahblahblah".
Engel (unlogged) 2) "Flood of manga-style pictures": Take a look at the history of uploads since the beginning. For that, sort them by upload date and click on the "LAST" button, then go backwards in the page count. You'll notice that historically, one platform historic backlog was loaded per time, in this sequence: C64, ZX-Spectrum, Amiga, Atari ST, Atari 8bit, ZX-81 etc. Then the Japanese platforms backlog of images started being loaded: MSX, PC-88, PC-98 and X68000.
Engel (unlogged) This means that the historical backlog of western images is mostly exhausted, and the only of such images being uploaded now are new creations that, let's admit, it's not possible to be that many.
Engel (unlogged) So, until the historical backlog of Japanese computers is finished, they will inevitably dominate the landscape, just like the western computers did when they were being uploaded. The C64 alone monopolized the upload stream for more than 300 pages, with the ZX-Spectrum and Amiga following with similar numbers, and nobody complained at the time. Why?
Engel (unlogged) Since the complaints showed up, the site maintainers seem to have been trying to juggle the uploads alternating the platforms, but it's very likely that probably they just don't that many western images to upload anymore. And such juggling is certainly taking a toll on their free time.
Engel (unlogged) 3) "Inappropriate images on the archive": This requires more assertive approach. It's known that this site is maintained by the sweat of very few people, in their scarce free time. It's not some giant corporation with lots of staff to review the images in the archive. So, those who think that a given image is inappropriate can be at least collaborative and dedicate some of their time. They can do this by commenting directly on the image page with the following hashtags in the message body:
Engel (unlogged) #deleterequest With a clear explanation about why you think that the image should not be preserved
Engel (unlogged) #NSFWrequest With a clear explanation about why you think that the image should be flagged as NSFW
Engel (unlogged) And since any of those complaining wouldn't want to be interpreted as racist or hypocrite, it's very advisable to start by reviewing the backlog of existing western images, using the same criteria. This way the site admin can, once or twice a year, do a query for the image page comments that have those hashtags and cleanup the archive if necessary. Much more efficient than generic complaints on the mini-forum.
Engel (unlogged) But let's not make this initiative be just negative/destructive. If someone likes a specific piece of art, give some positive feedback there too. Such recognition is very rewarding for the artists.
Engel (unlogged) Lastly, it would be advisable to research for the artist name before someone start blindly bashing a piece of art, since some of the Japanese art are done by famous mangakas. Otherwise it might sound like those ignorants from Florida that complained that Michelangelo's David statue was pornographic.
Günni Kologe (unlogged) That's interesting. You of all people, accuse others of posting as unlogged pseudonyms, when it's more than obvious, that you "Engel" and this "GreenPenguin" guy, are one and the same person. tomcat is logged in and he also wants to hide these MSX pics, so your nervously written overlong apology-texts for all these half-naked young girls, are just excuses, so that some guys can continue to pursue their perversions. If this does not improve, with these naked girls in some pics, I report the site.
Engel (unlogged) Kologe, now you have a way to report each image to the site admin, so do your part, stop whining and start comment-tagging which images you think should be deleted, or it won't be possible to guess what exactly is triggering you or what you consider acceptable. Given that these are clumsy legacy format files, mistakes obviously might happen, but the vast majority of images being uploaded aren't different from what you see on a beach, on a TV anime, on Twitter or any other social network.
Engel (unlogged) For what counts, it's also already proven that you have always been cozy with questionable western images, and is reluctant to help to fix any mistakes as it would delete the favorite type of porn you want to keep archived. You prefer to keep bitching here in the mini-forum because you just don't want any Japanese art to be uploaded at all. This is called racism, and if you insist you'll be reported for that.
Günni Kologe (unlogged) Engel, these are ridiculous accusations of racism, that are used by a pedophile, as an excuse for viewing perverted pics of half-naked young girls, here in the archive and probably this is your hobby, on various pornsites on the internet too? Thats really disgusting. I would be ashamed if I were you. But nowadays, you can no longer easily oppress women with sexist images or carry out other perversities with impunity. Hope thats clear to you, because your cheap excuses will not help you in court
Engel (unlogged) You're so delusional that you think you're some kind of hero, but you are just a Don Quixote claiming that drawings like Betty Boop and Lola Bunny are pedophilia. And you're so disconnected from reality that the next time you go to the beach you'll try to impose burqas for the non-white females using bikinis there. The self-proclaimed hero should try a bigger quest, on Twitter and DeviantArt too. The artists there post profanities that put the humble bikinis here to shame, if you got the pun.
tomcat It is a very simple FIX, just add another filter "which platform NOT to include in your search". Select MSX from drop down and you never need to see those scantly clad ladies again. If the moderator can grant that request it would be great.
Gesa Menspenden, 24 (unlogged) What Tomcat suggests, would be a possibility, which is at least better, than nothing at all. If you have smaller children and let them watch this pic-archive here, you could at least set this filter beforehand then. Otherwise, of course, such depictions remain totally sexist and seem out of time. Today, they can no longer oppress women as they want, Engel, those times are over. Better you come to terms with it. Go girls, go girls, go girls.
Gesa Menspenden, 24 (unlogged) Of course it's also true, that not only the MSX system is infested with these perversities, but by far the most of these extremely dubious pics, are definitely published for this system. So it would already bring something and is more than nothing. Even better would be, to add a new filter, that filters out objectionable images, that would also be a possibility. They are pretty easy to identify, in my opinion. Baby-girl on beach, dressed with almost nothing = perverse. Sure, normal people agree.
Gesa Menspenden, 24 (unlogged) Only crazy parents would come up with the idea, of taking pics of their little girl, naked on the beach and then posting them online, when you actually know for sure, that a lot of crazy people, then will jerk off to them. This is all so perverted, ugh disgusting. We already have enough child molesters, we don't have to encourage them with questionable images in various image-archives on the internet. Parents must take responsibility and act correctly here, but so must operators of pic-archives.
OranGutan (unlogged) Guten Tag!
Pepe Bear (unlogged) These new "NSFW" porn-filter is better than nothing. Good thing, at least something was done.
Gesa Menspenden, 24 (unlogged) @Pepe Bear, yes, but I would have named him slightly differently. Anti-Porn filter or Anti-Pervert filter or child protection filter would have been more appropriate. But oh well, it's better than nothing.
Günni Kologe (unlogged) At least they did something, Gesa. But, strange that there is now also a "only NSFW" filter. Must be for pedophiles and porncrazy people, i guess.
Phil Phädo, 62 (unlogged) The "NSFW only" filter is my favorite one here. Thanks for that (slobber slobber)
Uri Nierbecken (unlogged) I hope you have a good doctor, Phil? And a good lawyer too.
Vick van Hinten, 39 (unlogged) What's up?
Olga Machslochoff, 31 (unlogged) This is a nice picture-archive.
Wilma Hardwiggsen, 48 (unlogged) Again and again. The manga crap totally takes over again, when you search for the latest added pictures. Insanity!!! It even doesn't help, to filter out perverted images. It's still a total flood of manga junk. And as always, it's almost all down to the MSX system, which unfortunately can't be filtered out.
Wilma von Hindenei (unlogged) New balls please.
Stop with Manga Shit (unlogged) This site turned into manga site now... it is totally useless really :( what a shame.
Gundolf Fröhn (unlogged) Over 90% of the new released pictures here are manga-pics in the meanwhile. It's totally perverted!