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Tom's Viewer

(Formerly: Tom's Editor Desktop)

Tom's Viewer is a lightweight version of Tom's Editor. Please see the comparion chart below to learn the differences between the 2 programs.
  Tom's Editor Tom's Viewer
Type Online WebApp
(works in a web browser)
Windows Application
Can load images? Yes
(500 formats)
(300 formats)
Can save images? Yes
(10 formats)
(70 formats)
Can edit images? Yes
(many filters)
(many filters)
Built-in image gallery? Yes
(thousands of CC0 images)
Requires installation? No
(works in any web browser)
(can work in portable mode)
Requires Internet? Yes No
Supported systems Windows, Linux, OSX and more Windows
Scanning images? No Yes
Printing images? Yes Yes
License Freeware Freeware

Download version 3.10 (2019-07-08)

Windows 32 bit / 64 bit:
(Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10)
Tom's Viewer (2 MB, SETUP EXE)

Windows 32 bit / 64 bit:
(Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10)
Tom's Viewer (1 MB, PORTABLE EXE)


List of supported formats

(this list may be a bit outdated)
Platform Extension Name Read Write
Amiga ACBM Amiga Continuous Bitmap Yes
Amiga IFF Interchange File Format Yes
Amiga LBM, ILBM Interleaved Bitmap Yes
Apple II HGR High Resolution Yes
Atari 8-bit 4MI AtariTools-800 4 missiles Yes
Atari 8-bit 4PL AtariTools-800 4 players Yes
Atari 8-bit ALL Graph Yes
Atari 8-bit BKG Movie Maker background Yes
Atari 8-bit CPR Trzmiel (compressed) Yes
Atari 8-bit CUT Cut Creator Yes
Atari 8-bit DRG Atari CAD Yes
Atari 8-bit G10 Graphics 10 Yes
Atari 8-bit GHG Gephard Hires Graphics Yes
Atari 8-bit GR7 Graphics 7 Yes
Atari 8-bit GR8 Graphics 8 Yes
Atari 8-bit GR9 Graphics 9 Yes
Atari 8-bit INP Yes
Atari 8-bit JGP Jet Graphics Planner Yes
Atari 8-bit LUM Technicolor Dream Yes
Atari 8-bit KFX Yes
Atari 8-bit MIS AtariTools-800 missile Yes
Atari 8-bit MBG Mad Designer Yes
Atari 8-bit MGP (custom) Magic Painter Yes
Atari 8-bit MIC Micro Illustrator / Graphics 15 Yes
Atari 8-bit SHC SAMAR Hi-res Interlace with Map of Colours Yes
Atari 8-bit SHP Blazing Paddles shape table Yes
Atari 8-bit SKP Sketch-PadDles Yes
Atari 8-bit SXS 16x16 font Yes
Atari 8-bit WND Blazing Paddles window Yes
Atari 8-bit MCH Graph2Font Yes
Atari 8-bit PLA AtariTools-800 player Yes
Atari 8-bit LUM Technicolor Dream Yes
Atari 8-bit CUT Cut Creator Yes
Atari 8-bit HR Yes
Atari 8-bit FNT 8x16 font Yes
Atari 8-bit ART (custom) Artist by David Eaton Yes
Atari 8-bit AGP AtariTools-800 graphic Yes
Atari 8-bit VBXE DAP SlideShow for VBXE Yes
Atari Portfolio PGC Yes
Atari Portfolio PGF Yes
Atari Portfolio PGX Yes
Atari ST/STE BRU DEGAS Elite brush Yes
Atari ST/STE CA1 CrackArt Yes
Atari ST/STE CA3 CrackArt Yes
Atari ST/STE DA4 PaintShop Yes
Atari ST/STE DOO Doodle Yes
Atari ST/STE DU1, DUO Yes
Atari ST/STE DU2 Yes
Atari ST/STE PA3 Pablo Paint 2.5 Yes
Atari ST/STE PC1 DEGAS Elite Yes
Atari ST/STE PC2 DEGAS Elite Yes
Atari ST/STE PC3 DEGAS Elite Yes
Atari ST/STE PI1 Degas/Degas Elite Yes
Atari ST/STE PI2 Degas/Degas Elite Yes
Atari ST/STE PI3, SUH Degas/Degas Elite Yes
Atari ST/STE GFB DeskPic Yes
Atari ST/STE PS1 ST-DEXL Pictures Set Yes
Atari ST/STE SD2 Dali Yes
Atari ST/STE PSC PaintShop (compressed) Yes
Atari ST/STE ART Art Director Yes
Atari ST/STE NEO NEOchrome Yes
Atari ST/STE PIC PaintPro ST Yes
Atari Falcon B&W, B_W ImageLab Yes
Atari Falcon FTC Falcon True Color Yes
Atari Falcon GOD GodPaint Yes
Atari Falcon RWH, RWL IMG Scan Yes
Atari Falcon XGA Yes
Atari Falcon PIX PixArt Yes
Atari Falcon IIM InShape Yes
Commodore 64 A64, WIG Wigmore Artist 64 Yes
Commodore 64 AMI Amica Paint, packed Yes
Commodore 64 CDU CDU-Paint Yes
Commodore 64 CHE Cheese Yes
Commodore 64 CWG Create with Garfield Yes
Commodore 64 DLP Drazlace, packed Yes
Commodore 64 DOL Dolphin Ed Yes
Commodore 64 DRL Drazlace Yes
Commodore 64 DRZ Drazpaint Yes
Commodore 64 FPT Face Painter Yes
Commodore 64 GG Koala Painter 2, packed Yes
Commodore 64 GIG Gigapaint Multicolor Yes
Commodore 64 IPT Interpaint Multicolor Yes
Commodore 64 ISM Image System Yes
Commodore 64 KOA, KLA Koala Painter Yes
Commodore 64 MCI Truepaint Yes
Commodore 64 MCP Truepaint Packed Yes
Commodore 64 MIL Micro Illustrator Yes
Commodore 64 OCP Advanced Art Studio Yes
Commodore 64 P64 Picasso 64 Yes
Commodore 64 PI Blazing Paddles Yes
Commodore 64 PMG Paint Magic Yes
Commodore 64 RP Rainbow Painter Yes
Commodore 64 RPM Run Paint Yes
Commodore 64 SAR Saracen Paint Yes
Commodore 64 ART Art Studio Yes
Commodore 64 DD Doodle Yes
Commodore 64 FGS Fun Graphics Machine Yes
Commodore 64 GCD Gigacad Yes
Commodore 64 GIH Gigapaint-Hires Yes
Commodore 64 HBM Hires-Bitmap Yes
Commodore 64 HED Hi-Eddi Yes
Commodore 64 HPI Hires-Bitmap Yes
Commodore 64 IPH Interpaint Yes
Commodore 64 ISH Image System Yes
Commodore 64 JJ Doodle, packed Yes
Commodore 64 MON Mono Magic Yes
Commodore 64 PG Printfox/Pagefox Yes
TI Calculator 9XI Yes
TI Calculator 73I Yes
TI Calculator 82I Yes
TI Calculator 83I Yes
TI Calculator 85I Yes
TI Calculator 86I Yes
TI Calculator 92I Yes
PC PSA Print Shop Yes
PC DDS Direct Show Surface Yes
PC MSP Microsoft Paint Yes
PC BMP Windows Bitmap Yes
PC TGA, TARGA Truevision Targa Yes
PC HTM HTML Table Image Yes
PC PFM Portable Float Map Yes
PC XBM X-Bitmap Yes
PC XWD X Window Dump Yes
PC PSD Adobe Photoshop Yes
PC PNM Portable aNy Map Yes
PC PAT GIMP Pattern Yes
PC PAM Portable Arbitrary Map Yes
PC PCX ZSoft Paintbrush Yes
PC H Gimp C++ Header Yes
PC HS2 Handy Scanner 2000 POSTERING Yes
PC PNT Ark: Survival Evolved Yes
PC NGF Ninell Graphic Format Yes
PC RGB Silicon Graphics RGB Yes
PC JPG, JPEG, JPE Joint Pictures Expert Group Yes
PC GIF Compuserve GIF Yes
PC PNG Portable Network Graphics Yes
PC PIC Bio-Rad Yes
PC CUT Dr. Halo CUT Yes
PC ART Pfs First Publisher Yes
Mac MAC MacPaint Yes
Mac VOLLABEL Apple Volume Label Yes
Mobile ITHMB iPod Thumbnail Yes
Mobile NGG Nokia Group Graphics Yes
Mobile NLM Nokia Logo Manager Yes
Mobile NOL Nokia Operator Logo Yes
Mobile NPM Nokia Picture Message Yes
Mobile OTB Nokia Over The Air Yes
Mobile 2BP Pocket PC Bitmap Yes
Mobile MBM Psion Series 5 Bitmap Yes
Mobile PDB Palm Pilot Image Yes
Mobile PIC Psion Series 3, mono Yes
Camera 411 Sony Mavica Yes
MSX SC2 Screen 2 Yes
MSX SC3 Screen 3 Yes
MSX 2 SC5 Screen 5 Yes
MSX 2 SC6 Screen 6 Yes
MSX 2 SC7 Screen 7 Yes
MSX 2 SC8 Screen 8 Yes
MSX 2 SCA Screen 10 Yes
MSX 2 SCC Screen 12 Yes
MSX 2 PL5 Palette for Screen 5 Yes
MSX 2 GL5 Yes
MSX 2 GL6 Yes
MSX 2 SR5 Graph Saurus Yes
Other MTV MTV / RayShade Image Yes
Other CSV Comma-Separated Value, grayscale Yes
Other DIS DKB Trace / Qrt raytrace Yes
Other ESM Enhanced Simplex Yes
Other FITS Flexible Image Transport System Yes
Other AAI Dune Image Yes
Other AVS Stardent AVS X Yes
Other BOB Bob Ray Tracer bitmap Yes
Other HRZ Slow Scan Television Yes
Other 565 OLPC 565 Yes
Other CIP Cisco IP Phone Yes
Other CM Puzzle image (X11) Yes
Other FMV FrameMaker Yes
Other IPI IPI Yes
Other IPL Scanalytics IPLab Yes
Other PTX V.Flash_PTX Yes
Other V2I Voyage 200 Yes
Other VBM VBM (VDC BitMap) Yes
Other VIFF Khoros Visualization Image File Format Yes
Other VST Vista Yes
Other WRL VRML v2.0 Texture Yes
Other WZL Winzle Puzzle Yes
Other KRO AutoPano RAW Yes
Other NSR Newsroom NSR Yes
Other PAL Dr. Halo CUT Palette Yes
Other OZB Yes
Other OZT Yes
Other RAD Bio-Rad Yes
Other SCT SciTex Yes
Other RAW RAW Dump Yes
Other SKA Video renting box SKA Yes
Other PCL PCL Yes
Other PGX PGX (JPEG 2000) Yes
Other YUV YUV Colorspace Yes
Other PIX BRender PIX Yes
Other MONO Monochrome Raw Dump Yes

Change list

Version 3.10, 2019-07-08 Version 3.9, 2019-07-04 Version 3.8, 2019-06-13 Version 3.7, 2019-05-22 Version 3.6, 2019-05-08 Version 3.5, 2019-05-03 Version 3.4, 2019-04-27 Version 3.3, 2019-04-27 Version 3.2, 2019-04-22 Version 3.1, 2019-04-16 Version 3.0, 2019-04-08 Version 2.2, 2019-02-07 Version 2.1, 2018-08-08 Version 2.02, 2018-07-27 Version 2.01, 2018-07-21 Version 2.00, 2018-06-19 Version 1.02, 2018-05-31 Version 1.01, 2018-05-26

Third-party components

Program uses DelphiTwain by Gustavo Daud, PNGImage by Martijn Saly, GraphicEx and Graphics32.