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Opening images

Tom's Editor can load images in almost 500 different formats. See the list.

Saving images

If you want to publish your image somewhere on the Internet you should choose either JPEG or PNG. PNG images have the best quality but usually take more space.
If you want to save your image for further processing or just want the best possible quality then you should choose BMP, PNG or TGA. PNG images are the smallest of these 3.
SVG is a vector format. You can use this option to convert simple graphics, like logos or cartoons.

Instalike filters

These filters are inspired by Instagram filters and they give similar results.

Used libraries

This web application makes use of ImageMagick, Potrace, Libpng, Recoil, Pngquant and Pdftopng.

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If you don't like this site uses Cookies you can disable them in your browser's configuration. Cookies are used to display the ad and gather statistical data.

Why shouldn't you block ads?

Creating this editor took me hundreds of hours. There is no company behind this program, there is no sponsor. It's just me.
The ads are not here so I can buy a yacht. They are here so I can pay for the server every month and keep maintaining it. If you and other visitors block the ads then the editor will have to be shut down. Simple as that.

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You like this editor? Tell your friends about it! Every program needs users and Tom's Editor is no exception. You can also use the contact form on the bottom to write me a few words so I know there are people who like my work.
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Convert multiple images

It seems you are converting multiple images. You can convert images quicker using Tom's Editor: Converter. It's free, it's online and there are no ads.

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