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Here you can talk about the Gallery, what you like, what you don't like, what should be improved and so on.
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casual Add more platforms, like PC
MyNameIsEarl (unlogged) Add PREV and NEXT buttons
Shine It seems, that the sorting of "Date" has some problems. Please check it slowly...
Tom @Shine You are right. The first time you changed sort it wasn't working. The second time it was fine. It's fixed now.
Shine @Tom Is this intended that the sorted dates are "only" sorted by year and not by full date (year, month, day)?
Tom @Shine Yes, because right now the database does not have enough entries with month and day of the release filled. However most of the entries have year given.
Shine Hey Tom, i am registered user and i would like to know, if i upload a picture, is it possible to make a link to CSDb by myself? Or you do it somehow? Now i see only a possibility to upload an image without any further informations...
Tom @Shine The upload form has now 2 steps. In first step you can upload a file and in the next step you can give title, author and CSDB ID.
Shine @Tom I tried to upload a c64 picture, but it didn't worked. I made all data and then save button, but nothing worked...
Tom @Shine I can see you uploaded the image twice. Once using /gallery/upload2 (the new uploader) and once using /gallery/upload (the old uploader). Both uploaded just fine. Since they are the same I enabled only of them: http://tomseditor.com/gallery/i/33291 Looks great!
Shine @Tom: Ah i understand. Uploads need to be enabled by yourself, right? Thanks for fast support! :)
Tom @Shine That's right! I need to approve images because people sometimes upload duplicates or corrupted images. You can see all images you uploaded here: http://tomseditor.com/gallery/submitter/Shine
Shine @Tom The image i uploaded has the type "other", but should be "Petscii". I _updated_ already, but without change,
Tom @Shine Thanks, your update is visible and the image is now PETSCII.
railslave Great site, thankyou
Tom @railslave Thank you! And thanks for uploading your lovely images: http://tomseditor.com/gallery/submitter/railslave
Shine @Tom The following picture is a cooperation between Mermaid and me (Shine)... i tried a few times to correct it (update), but nothing happened. http://www.tomseditor.com/gallery/i/2552
Tom @Shine Thanks, it's already updated!
Shine @Tom The update function (edit) need to be checked / approved by you too? So the updates are visible after it?
Tom @Shine Yes. All updates have to be approved. I should finish in a day or two a better system. And people who are verified (like you) will be able to update images instantly.
Shine @Tom To prevent abuses this database, it would be better to make registering additional with existing e-mail address.
wdw Thanks for this nice gallery. I am uploading more of my stuff in the coming days. I also have lots of Amiga art to share.
Tom @Shine I don't want to collect e-mails for as long as possible. Currently there is no spam or abuse so it works fine. Laws in European Union require sites that collect personal information (like e-mails) to display nasty popups informing visitors how their personal information is used.
Tom @wdw Thanks! Upload as many as you can :) I can see you already uploaded 5. Great!
wdw Uploaded a few more, Tom. I hope you like them.
Tom @wdw There are nice! Is there a chance you could also upload native files for these images? Like .KOA/.KLA for C64, .IFF/.LBM for Amiga?
Shine @Tom Yeah, the multiscreener support is very nice! Any chance that a user can scroll by his own aswell? This would be awesome!!!
Tom @Shine I've already added manual scrolling to my TO-DO list so I'll be done, I just don't know how soon :)
wdw Yes, I have the IFF files. I'll add them later.
Tom @wdw In order to upload .IFF you can just click "EDIT" under the Image Details on the right.
moroz1999 (unlogged) Hi! Just wanted to mention, that ZX-Art has open API for images reading. Hope you have discovered it already :) https://zxart.ee/eng/graphics/database/ - link is here on top of form, it reacts to form's parameters as well.
Tom @moroz1999 Thanks, might come in handy!
Noname (unlogged) (unlogged) the group should be clickable also.
Tom @Noname Group is clickable now :)
railslave (unlogged) I cant log in, and I come baring gifts !!
Tom @railslave Sorry about that. There was a bug but should work now. Please try again!
railslave yes, working fine... ok about these gifts :)